Our punts

A small  historical summary

In 1991 the ferrymenÂ’s association adopted for the fist time the alternative to the standard punts - the cozy table punts. Since that time our ferrymen are using table punts.

Our high quality punts are especially well known by individual tourists but we could win many travel agencies as well too. Today we have a large amount of regular costumers, who appreciate our high standard.


  • High-quality traditional wooden boats
  • Units with seats from 10 to 18 guests, depending on the punt size
  • Personal punting with a ferryman, no engine, no emission, no noise
  • Especially spacious punts
  • Comfortable seats, plentiful leg room
  • Opening of a new restaurant and office complex a the „Small Harbour“ (“Kleinen Hafen “)
  • Beverage service and many other Spreewald specialties
  • Cozy ambience by two-piece suites with tables
  • Umbrellas and Rain protection
  • By coolness blankets; by heat sunshades
  • High safety by regular boat inspections (TĂśV/MOT)

Our quality is your benefit !

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