Leipe-Tour approx. 6 - 7 hours to Wotschofska - Leipe - Lehde with breaks

Kohlezeichnung eines unbekannten KĂĽnstlers


As always you start at the Small port at the Spreecastle ("Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlösschen") with a comfortable table punt. On attractive river armsdeformation it goes to the forest restaurant Wotschofska into the Citizen Forest “Bürgerwald”. After a short break the boat trip will be continued on small river arms covered with huge alders to the traditional village Leipe. In Leipe you have the possibility to enjoy local food in a typical restaurant. Afterwards the ride on the main river “Hauptspree” will lead you to another Spreewald village calledaccording to “Lehde”, where a short break is possible too. On the way back you will pass the castle district andabout one of the many locks back to the starting point.

A long Spreewald tour which is driven rarely !


Length of a journey separately

Length of a journey entire

"Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen" => Wotschofska

approx. 1 hour of 30 min

approx. 1 hour of 30 min

Wotschofska short break

approx. 15 min

approx. 1 hour of 45 min

Wotschofska => Leipe

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 3 hours

Leipe lunch break

approx. 1 hour

approx. 4 hours

Leipe => Lehde

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 5 hours of 15 min

Lehde coffee break / museum break

approx. 30 min

approx. 5 hours of 45 min

Lehde => "Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen"

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 7 hours


Adults: 19,- €
Children untiluntil 12 years: 9,50 €
Group prices on request

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