High Forest Tour approx. 8 - 10 hours to Wotschofska - High Forest “Hochwald”- Pohlenzschänke - Leipe - Lehde with breaks

Auch bei der Hochwaldtour wird Lehde durchfahren

This tourT starts 9:30 am at the Small port at the Spreecastle ("Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlösschen") with a cozy table punt. The ferryman will bring you to the peaceful and fascinating nature of the citizen forest “Bürgerwald” and the high forest “Hochwald”. After the trip through this impressing landscape you will have a lunch break at the traditional restaurant “Pohlenzschänke” which was constructed by Schinkel. Strengthened you can continue the boat trip fromabout the Spreewald village Leipe to the lagoon village Lehde. A short coffee break will be the last part of this wonderful Spreewald tour. On this tour five locks are passedpassed. This boat trip is the most extensive one but also the tour with the most versatile landscape.

This tour is carried out on request depending on the demands. If you are interested please inform yourself directly at the Small Port "Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlösschen"


Length of a journey separately

Length of a journey entire

"Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen" => Wotschofska

approx. 1 hour of 30 min

approx. 1 hour of 30 min

Wotschofska short break

approx. 15 min

approx. 1 hour of 45 min

Wotschofska => Pohlenzschänke

approx. 2 hours

approx. 3 hours of 45 min

Pohlenzschänke lunch break

approx. 1 hour

approx. 4 hours of 45 min

Pohlenzschänke => Leipe

approx. 1 hour

approx. 5 hours of 45 min

Leipe => Lehde

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 7 hours

Lehde coffee break / museum break

approx. 45 min

approx. 7 hours of 45 min

Lehde => "Kleiner Hafen - Am Spreeschlößchen"

approx. 1 hour of 15 min

approx. 9 hours


Adults: 21,- €
Children untiluntil 12 years: 10,50 €
Group prices on request

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